4/11/2012 Today’s thought — ‘in the way’

Good Afternoon,

Tuesday evening at Bible Study Time, Sister Diana Licon brought a lesson about the many of life’s situations that bring grief to our lives. Large and small things can cause grief. Even when a person has planned to do something and is happy about it there can be a hint of grief, as in moving to a new hoped for home — a bit of grief is there in leaving the old with its dear memories.

She reminded us that God will always be with us in grief and the feelings we experience in grief are normal and a part of the grieving process.

In Streams of the Desert 2, the reading for April 5 follows her lesson.

. . . He had see the Lord in the way . . Acts 9:27

Having the Heavenly Father by our side does not keep the storms of life away; but He is with us in those storms. One who has put his trust in God very well knows he is safer in times of danger with Christ than in times of solace without Him. Only a foolish person would place his hopes in sinking sands. One’s confidence is sure in the steadfast Rock of Ages.

Disciples of Christ must first come to their wits’ end before they come to their journey’s end. (Psalm 107:25-31) they must first experience the presence of their Lord along every step of the journey–His constantly abiding presence. Then why fear the tempest? Is it not under the controlling hand of the Heavenly Father?

In the time of deepest sorrow,
When life seems without a ray
And the world is fresh and opened,
Can you see Him “in the way”?

When your plans and dearest projects
Shattered fell and broken lay,
And you vainly try to mend them,
Can you see Him “in the way?”

When your prayers remain unanswered
And you almost cease to pray,
Feeling that the heavens are brazen–
Can you see Him “in the way?”

When your dearest hope has vanished,
When your friends forsake, betray,
And all earthly props are broken–
Can you see Him “in the way?’

Broken rays become a rainbow;
Broken clods, a fruitful meadow;
Pruned vines bear richest clusters;
Cut and polished gems, rare lustres;
Harvests rise from buried grain;
Lives are born through grief and pain; —
God dwells in the broken clay.
He alone leads “in the way.”  L.S.P.

Trust in the Lord . . . Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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