Scavenger Hunt Sunday — April 15, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday items:

Just the simple sighting of California Golden Poppies
lets me know spring is on its way.


Who would have thought that the corn planted last year in this garden area would have self-sown to surprise us in the spring.


Saturday, April 14, I visited Foothill Quilters Guild Show, Auburn, CA.
I knew there I would find some spectacular stitches.
This quilt pattern is called Spools with feathered heart quilting.

Transportation and Foamy bubbles I found on my way home from the quilt show.


I wanted to visit the Flower Farm Nursery. It was closed, boo.
I saw these cute strollers for future gardeners.

  Foamy Bubbles

I spied a small pond with a duck.
I had to make a u-turn to see if something would work for my hunt,
instead,  I found this series of falls.
I love the sounds and sights of water with foamy bubbles.

I’m joining  Ashley at Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

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  1. Nicely done this week – hope you have a great upcoming week.

  2. Spectacular stitches indeed . . . very nice.

  3. I like the stitch and transporation! Cute@!

  4. Great stitches! There must have been a lot of beautiful work there! And to see a lovely waterfall on the way home…great day!

  5. Haha, for bubbles you should have poured dish soap in the fountain! Then there’d be bubbles! Great set even without the dish soap though

    • you are right — a whole pond of bubbles…thanks for visiting.

  6. The last shot is beautiful!

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