Scavenger Hunt Sunday –March 25


Scavenger Hunt Sunday items:

Whimsy  —   Playfully quaint or fanciful,
especially in an appealing and amusing way.

To me, this squirrel fulfills the definition.


Maybe this hat I knitted this week for grandson, Alex
could be called whimsical, also


the Farmer makes dust as he cleans up the sides of the driveway.

Seed or Sprout

These succulents sprout flower stalks every spring.

and Swing or Drop

I went looking for dropped blossoms from magnolias or camillas;
What a Find!
a real swing,
a dropped orange
and a dropped red camilla
seen through a chain-link fence laced with wisteria vines.

I had  fun looking for scavenger items; the harder part was picking out which pictures to use this week; come on over to Ashley’s blog and check out some others.

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Yarn Along — March 21, 2012

I saw “Man’s Rasta Hat by Annie Modesitt and Drew Emborsky” and knew I had to knit it for my oldest grandson Alex.

I used some Lion Brand Wool-Ease I received when my Mom weeded out her stash when she moved. I started Sunday afternoon and finished Tuesday. For me, a fast knit.  If I make it again, I’ll shorten the ribbing. Alex had to turn it up about 1 1/2-2 inches; it should fit without folding. He was one very happy guy!

This Wallaby sweater is my take along, so it is coming along nicely. I didn’t add the pouch this time. The sweater will look a little more dressy, which will suit the young man who will receive it.

I’m calling this shawl ‘Tweedily dee’ I like the way the striping is knitting up and it is a nice kind of mindless knitting to balance the lace knitting.

Alpaca Sox Shawl by Yarn Garden
I’m listening to Kathy Reich’s, Bare No Bones, one of the adventures of  forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan.
I love checking out what others are knitting and reading, often adding titles and projects to my lists, at Small Things with Ginny . Come and see what’s going on with two sticks (or a crochet hook) and string.
I also linked with Tami at
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Alex’s Hat

I saw this hat and knew I needed to make it for my oldest (13) grandson, Alex. His parents weren’t quite as excited when I explained it had dreadlocks. Alex was super excited.

After a couple weeks, Alex asked ‘have you finished my hat?’ opps!
That day I started. This hat was a lot of fun to knit. And since it only took me two days a fast knit, of course, the yarn is held double.

I have visions of having to knit more of these, when the other grandsons see this one…..a son might not want to be left out.

I received this yarn from my mother who cleaned our her stash, thank you.
I had approx 40 yards leftover from each skein.

The hat is from this book   —  Drew Emborsky and Annie Modesitt, the co-authors of Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them, thank you.

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