#100 Days of Crocheting

Over on Instagram, @elleluna and @lindsayjeanthomson are hosting #The100DayProject.

I have a crochet project I want to get done this summer.

Perhaps with a challenge like this – crocheting, at least,
a little time on it for 100 days straight;
I’ll see some progress.

Rings of Change
March 6, row 45 completed

I started crocheting again on this afghan last week,
working on row 46 with it’s 590+ stitches.
As I was ending the row I realized my count was off.
I started counting/checking my stitches
from the beginning of the row
and found a mistake within the first 12 stitches.
I had to frog (rip it, rip it) the entire row.

I finished the redo on April 10 and started row 47.
I’m counting this as #1 of 100 days.

It is 11:21 PST.
So if I am going to crochet on Day 2,
I better get started.

Wish me luck –
Starting is easy for me,
continuing that is the hard part.

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Yarn Along – Pretties

Yarn Along
~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading and I love sharing my projects and current reads here.~
This is how Lisa begins her blog, Small Things, on Wednesdays.

Many of the wonderful items, knitted or crocheted,
I see get added to my someday list.
Books and authors, new to me, peak my interest.

I found a pattern ‘Cups and Saucers by Ravelry’s BluebirdStitches. I had to try it. This is my start.

P1080432I love the colors. I’m using Caron ‘Soft solids’

aug 17 sweet baby family

Still reading ‘Touching the clouds’ by Bonnie Leon and fitting in piecing quilt tops, finished one yesterday.

Linking with Ginnie and others here

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Wool on Sundays – Organising

Wool on Sundays consists of  “makes or musings or photos – related to knitting, crochet, felting, spinning or yarn”.

Organizing is a verb meaning  arranging into a structured whole. Organising is the British spelling.
I really like to organize.
I like to sort through stuff,
tossing items of little worth in my eyes,
bagging things of some worth to someone else, maybe,
and organizing those precious pieces that were left for me.

I have a little dish on my table for necessary tools.
My needles and hooks have special spots.
knitting needles 003
A shed all my own; I won’t open the doors because it really needs organizing, AGAIN!

All the organizing makes it easier to knit or crochet.

I’ve been enjoying mandelas recently.

I, too, have a favorite ‘wooly’ mug.

Today I’m linking with Rainbow Hare Quilts

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